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Simple Press Plugins

Plugins for Simple Press 5.0 and above.


Achievements Active
achievements integration plugin
Admin Bar Active
the Admin Bar plugin for Simple:Press
Announcements Active
announcements plugin
Answers Topic Active
Answers topic plugin
Auto Linking Active
auto linking plugin
Ban Active
Ban plugin
Birthdays Active
Birthdays plugin for simple press
Blog Linking Active
the Blog Linking plugin for Simple:Press
Buddypress Active
buddypress plugin
Captcha Active
the Captcha plugin for Simple:Press
Cubepoints Active
cubepoints plugin
Custom Profile Fields Active
the Custom Profile Fields plugin for Simple:Press
Event Logger Active
event logger plugin
Feature Topics and Posts Active
Featured topics and posts plugin
File Uploader Active
the File Uploader (using Plupuload) plugin for Simple:Press
Font Resize Active
the Font Resize plugin for Simple:Press
Google Sitemap Active
the Google Sitemap plugin for Simple:Press
Gravatar Cache Active
the Gravatar Cache plugin for Simple:Press
Hide Posters Active
hide posters plugin
HTML Emails Active
html emails plugin
Identities Active
add identities plugin
Keywords Active
keywords plugin
Language/Theme Selector Active
plugin for users to select language and theme
Maintenance Mode Active
Maintenance mode plugin
Membership Subscribe Active
membership subscribe plugin
Mentions Active
Mentions plugins
Moderation Email Active
Plugin for sending email when posts moderated
MyCred Active
mycred integration plugin
Policy Docs Active
the Policy Docs plugin for Simple:Press
Polls Active
polls plugin
Post Anonymously Active
plugin for posting anonymously
Post As Active
post as another user plugin
Post By Email Active
post by email plugin for simple press
Post Multiple Active
post multiple plugin
Post Preview Active
post preview plugin
Post Ratings Active
the Post Ratings plugin for Simple:Press
Post Thanks Active
Post Thanks plugin for Simple Press
Print Topic Active
print topic plugin
Private Messaging Active
the Private Messaging plugin for Simple:Press
Private Posts Active
private posts plugin
Profanity Filter Active
the Profanity Filter plugin for Simple:Press
Profile Display Control Active
A Simple:Press plugin that adds an admin panel for turning off profile elements (edit forms)
Prune DB Active
the Prune DB plugin for Simple:Press
Quicktags BBCode Active
the Quicktags BBCode plugin for Simple:Press
Quicktags HTML Active
the Quicktags HTML plugin for Simple:Press
Ranks Information Active
Ranks information plugin
Redirect Plugin Active
redirection plugin
Report Post Active
the Report Post plugin for Simple:Press
Reputation Active
Reputation plugin
Search Active
search plugin
Search By User Active
search by user plugin
Share This Active
Share This plugin
Slack Active
plugin for slack
Spam Registrations Active
the Spam Registrations plugin for Simple:Press
Subscriptions Active
the Subscriptions plugin for Simple:Press
Syntax Highlighting Active
the Syntax Highlighting plugin for Simple:Press
Tags Active
the Tags plugin for Simple:Press
Template Tags Active
the Template Tags plugin for Simple:Press
Timezone Registration Active
timezone on registration plugin
Tinymce Richtext Active
the Tinymce Richtext plugin for Simple:Press
Topic Description Active
topic description plugin
Topic Expire Active
Topic Expire plugin
Topic Redirect Active
topic redirection plugin
Topic Status Active
the Topic Status plugin for Simple:Press
Unanswered Topic Active
unanswered topics plugin
Uploads Viewer Active
uploads viewer plugin
Warnings and Suspensions Active
warnings, suspensions and bans plugin
Watches Active
the Watches plugin for Simple:Press
Who's Online Active
the Who's Online plugin for Simple:Press